Hey lovely followers, I recently moved to Orlando, FL to do the DIsney College Program this semester so this week has been hectic and me and my roommates haven’t exactly figured out our internet connection yet, it’s being a real pain so I’m writing this on my phone to just say sorry I haven’t been around and I’ll update soon, it’s just a combination of being extremely busy and internet connection issues. love you all<3

The TCAs have already annoyed the fuck out of me and it’s not even tomorrow yet.

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I’ll never understand why when the Jonas Brothers actually release stuff, they are always overseas promoting it.

Oh so they’re going to the TCA’s.


is nick high

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i will never look at another boy band like the way that i look at the jonas brothers. it’s not going to happen. they are perfection in my eyes. everyone else is just gross.

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cause I could comb across the world and see everything and never be satisfied if I couldn’t see those eyes [x]

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